Welcome to my new site!

Hi all!

After 20 years of not really having my own site I finally caved in - everyone needs a site, right?

Well, this is not entirely true - until last week, tischenko.nl used to be a good old (VERY old) php gallery site. It contained some old photo galleries, from the times that Facebook didn't yet usurp all our photographic aspirations.

For a very long time I wanted a site where I could put stuff. Maybe some blogs, photos, maybe some ideas or projects. As often with me, I suffered from too many choices - what technology, what blogging system? Finally I decided for Squarespace - basically because I didn't want to spend a second on 'hosting' my own site.  

Of course, I could not decide what this site will contain - for now its motto is 'ramblings and stuff', so as to avoid all possible clarity about its purpose. In any case it will contain some attempts at blogging and photography.

The first blog is our 18-day Tesla road trip to England, Scotland and Wales. I am writing this in medieval Canterbury and hope to write a little bit about every day we spend on this beautiful island.

Enjoy and comments are welcome!